The reflection on “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins”

                  A peacock in the land of penguins is a tale related to the land of penguins where every penguin wears same suits – black and white penguin suit – and does the same thing because they believe in unity. The land of penguins is changed when Perry, a peacock arrives. He’s colorful, new, and creative. When the peacock comes to change the plain land, penguins begin murmur. Finally, they want to change the peacock as well. However, the peacock doesn’t want to change his own character. He finds other land suitable for him – the land of opportunity – where everybody accepts different ideas and lives together by respecting each other!!!

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A land of penguins can be compared to a country, a company or any society people live. And penguins are people who live in. In case of a peacock, it is a new comer, a younger etc. After watched the youtube of “A Peacock in the land of penguins”, I think of my country. In Thailand, young people have no right to say or do anything. That’s make me think of penguins. We believe that our old people do is always right and we must follow them. Sometimes I want to change something new but… I admired the peacock for his belief and his brave. But I think I cannot move out of my country and find somewhere suitable like the land of opportunity because I believe that the land of penguins always happens. However, one thing I got from this youtube is to open my mind to other. I have learned that diversity is not the problem. In contrast, it’s the great idea. Wherever you come from or you live, something new always happens. Merge it with your living because we need to change everyday like the world is changing every second. We cannot stop and stand at the same place. We should move forward!! That’s my opinion for “A land of opportunity”.


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