This is for Aj.Sue ka. :)

Message for Aj.Sue!


According to Aj.Sue’s class, I learn that we can merge entertainment  and  learning together. And it’s USEFUL!!! I would rather mention to the WORDPRESS the most because in my opinion that the main activity we did and the activity the most useful for educational world. The WordPress is a personal blog used for sharing news, innovation, knowledge and opinion with other. And it’s FREE!!! Also, blogger can design as she wants. So, it’s FUN!!! WordPress is another way to group learning society. People who can access to internet can get in any wordpress site to learn something new and share their own opinion. The blogger and visitors can make discussion together. In Thailand, it’s not easy to share some ideas to other because in Thai tradition, young people have no right to discuss with the elders. I think that sometimes they should listen to us. The wordpress gives us an opportunity to do it. I believe in sharing society especially knowledge because I believe that sharing knowledge brings learning.

For Aj.Sue, since I have continued my master degree I had never has class with the friendly teacher like you before. I like your frankly and friendly words. But the thing I like the most is your hair style. It’s cool!! And I think my classmates agree with me.




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